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This Week in the California League, November 12-18, 1900

This Week in the California League, November 12-November 18, 1900

Games scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, November 17 and 18, a Saturday game at San Francisco and at Sacramento, and a doubleheaders and in the Bay Area.

The two front runner remained only two games apart over the weekend.

Because of rain in the interior, only the Stockton-San Francisco game was played on Saturday at Rec Park in San Francisco. The game featured Youngy Johnson and local pride Ham Iburg. Through four innings the game stood at 1-0 in favor of the Stocktons, but in the 5th the house fell in them, with the Wasps scoring 6 runs. Johnson could only pitch the first inning, because of an injury in the field, and Jimmy Whalen came. Whalen pitched great ball for three inning, but gave up those 6 runs in the 5th, and George Harper put himself in after that to finish the game.

On Sunday, they got a partial game in at Sacramento, but it had nothing to do with rain. The game was called in the 7th inning, with one man out and two men on base, after Sacramento had scored nine men in the inning, making the score 25-4. Jay Hughes picked up an easy one, and Chief Borchers took one for the club. Matt Stanley hit a home run for the winners, and Truck Eagan and Big Bill Hanlon each got four hits. Eagan had three doubles.

The San Francisco-Stockton contest in Oakland had Youngy Johnson trying again on the mound, but he gave up seven runs on 15 hits. Tom Fitzpatrick took the win by only giving up three runs on eight hits. First baseman Ed Pabst went 4-5 with a couple of doubles for the winners.

At Rec Park in the afternoon, Stockton turned the tables on the Wasps, as manager George Harper pitched a six-hitter on way to a 12-2 shellacking of San Francisco. Ham Iburg tried to come back on short rest, but only held out for three innings, before giving way to Phil Knell, who took the majority of the abuse. Joe McGuckin, Julie Streib and George Babbitt all collected three hits for the winners.

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