Monday, June 19, 2006


Because I will be going away on my yearly research trip, this time to Las Vegas, I will give you the schedule of what I'm planning to post in the next few days:

Tomorrow: I will posted the final recap of the 1900 California League season.

Wednesday: I will begin posting the 1900 California League final league averages, which will include standings, team batting & pitching, plus batting & pitching at each ballpark.

Thursday: Individual batting for the 1900 season.

Friday: Individual pitching for the 1900 season.

That will be the last post until I return. My plans for my trip include attempting to find and copy all the 1903 Pacific National League box scores. This is a league that never has been completely studied, or had complete averages compiled. Additionally, I plan on getting all the box scores out of the Seattle Times for the 1903 PCL. About half of my box scores from games played in Seattle were from the Post-Intelligencer, and in compiling averages for that league, I discovered that the Post-Intelligncer's summaries were very spotty about carring stolen bases, so I believe I will be adding to the 1903 Stolen Bases totals after checking out the Times for stolen bases.


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